FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions we have already answered for you. In case of any more questions, please contact us any time here.

How can I receive my Immune-ID?

You can order your personal Immune-ID on this website. Simply scan the QR code from your vaccination centre or your pharmacy, fill in our order data and pay. You can find the order form here.

What’s included in the package?

Apart from your personal Immune-ID, you will also receive 4 useful QR code stickers which you can place in tactically convenient places.

How much is the Immune-ID?

You can order your personal Immune-ID for only 9,90 Euro including shipping straight to your door. Delivery will currently take a few days.

Which data will be registered on Immune-ID?

The Immune-ID will register all data from the EU Covid Certificate and therefore works for vaccinated, tested or recovered people.

Which delivery address should I enter?

Make sure to always enter your current valid delivery address. Please be aware not to enter a packing station as delivery address, as letters cannot always be delivered there.

How do I scan my Immune-ID?

Since your Immune-ID contains a duplicate of the QR Code of your EU certificate, you can check its validity and completeness with the official check app of your country. Example Germany: CovPass Check App.

Which QR Code should I scan when I order?

In principle, you should scan the QR Code that is currently valid. For example, if you have already received the 2nd vaccination, you should scan the QR Code of the 2nd vaccination. If you have received a 3rd / booster vaccination, you can also scan this QR Code. 

When doing so, please make sure that you hold the QR Code parallel to a clean webcam.

I have received a booster vaccination. Is my Immune-ID still valid?

The QR Code from your second vaccination does not automatically expire with a booster vaccination. It will continue to be valid. Only after the vaccination protection expires will it indicate that you are no longer protected.

How long will it take for my Immune-ID to arrive?

The current delivery time for the Immune-ID is approximately up to 7 business days. If you ordered your Immune ID on a Saturday, the delivery time may be up to 9 or 10 days.

I’ve ordered my Immune-ID but haven’t received it yet. What can I do?

Please note that current Immune-ID delivery times can be up from seven to ten business days. Please be patient if the ten business days aren’t up yet.

If it’s been well over ten business days, please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to review the status of your order. Do not forget to provide us with your order number.

Is my data safe?

The protection of your data is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we use a secure SSL transmission for the data transfer.

You have questions regarding the Immune-ID?

Feel free to contact us any time by simply using our contact form.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

About us

Immune-ID is a product from NO-Q, the leading appointment booking system for Covid testing. As an intuitive software, NO-Q organises the stream of visitors, navigates pharmacy staff through the testing procedure and transmits the results to the tested people. Due to a unique network of testing facilities it was possible to create a group of 800 testing facilities in cooperation with pharmacy associations in North Rhine-Westfalia  which are accessible through the booking platform testbuchen.de.
We are continuously updating our products to further simplify the procedures.